I recently purchased the Lenovo ix2-dl NAS, b/c it was time to upgrade my storage capacity and I did not want to deal with my current setup anymore. My datahost box runs LVM on top of software RAID 1, on Slackware 10.2, with 5 drives in the machine :).

I was attracted to the Lenovo ix2-dl, b/c it is small, quiet, provides RAID 1 and costs $90 at Tigerdirect, which is significantly cheaper than any other NAS I came across.

This NAS box has a 1.5GHz ARM Feroceon 88FR131 processor, 256MB of RAM and runs LifeLine Linux, which is a distro developed by Iomega’s parent company EMC, specifically to power their NAS boxes.

The only concern I immediately had with the ix2-dl, was the lack of SSH access to the box. A Linux box w/o SSH access is extremely irritating, so I decided to research this further.

Enabling SSH Access

Turns out that there is a hidden Diagnostics page available in the web interface at /manage/diagnostics.html . This page allows the user to set an SSH port and root password. The catch is that the selected password is prefixed by the word ‘soho‘. So if you select ‘GOD’ as your password on the page, the actual password is ‘sohoGOD‘. You can change the password to whatever you want with the ‘passwd’ command.

Once you log in, you can work with the drives, software raid, Apache, NFS, etc. just like you are used to on any Linux box.


Most of the information was obtained from here: https://blog.liftsecurity.io/jon-lamendola